How do I Write for Front Porch Commons?

Feel free to send us queries or pitches, or go ahead and send us a full piece. We publish all submissions, as long as they are opinions, thought pieces, or commentary related to independent literary publishing. We do not personal attacks, or previously published or promotional material. We do not publish poetry or fiction. While grant money lasts, we’ll also pay for longer submissions (see below for details).

We publish three types of pieces:

Blog Posts:

These will be 500-1000 words and will be lightly edited for style consistency rather than for content. Once the site is up, blog posts will likely appear within a week of submission. Note: we do not currently pay for blog posts.


These will be 1500-2000 words and will go through a more rigorous editing process, which may average one to two months depending on how many we receive. While funding lasts, we will pay $25 for all essays, upon acceptance.

Long Articles: 

These will be substantial pieces including research and cited sources. Like the essays above, they will go through a rigorous editing process and may take a couple of months (or longer) to edit. While funding lasts, we will pay $50 for these longer, researched articles.

Please submit all work through our submission manager.

Questions? Please contact Front Porch Commons editor Emma Komlos-Hrobsky at