Literary Magazines’ Self-Retrospectives

Though I must own well over twenty thousands books, I’ve not until a decade ago collected anything to the extent of trying to possess everything within a certain category. Most of the books owned by me were obtained for a particular project–sometimes a work currently in progress, other times a project that I did in the past but about which I nonetheless maintain an active interest, and more often for one that I am planning to do in the future.

51PdbJMUTpL._AC_UL320_SR248,320_As my first national publication was in a literary quarterly that did not pay its authors, I’ve continue to contribute to such eleemosynary journals, thinking that the abundance, the independence, and possible quality of them is a true index of cultural opportunity in America and thus that my continuing contributions are necessary. (Not all their alumni are so nostalgic, needless to say.) While my library includes shelf upon shelf of such cultural journals, what I think is more significant is the collection I’ve made of the books in which such magazines select the best work to appear in their pages–what I call self-retrospectives. Though such books customarily appear in modest editions designed initially for the magazines’ loyal subscribers or as special issues celebrating decade(s)-long anniversaries, they ideally give its editors an opportunity to show, better than a single issue, how they want to be regarded by posterity.

Two things I like about cultural journals’ self-retrospectives as a subject for collecting are that no one else known to me is concentrating on them and that the number of them can’t be too enormous. I own perhaps two hundred fifty. One problem is that the category is so unfamiliar I customarily must explain it at least twice, even to a bookseller eager to unload his inventory. Incidentally, many literate people aren’t aware of these books, some either doubting their existence. The category of cultural magazines necessarily excludes commercial magazines.

Some of these retrospectives appear as a magazine is dying and perhaps dies once the retrospective appears, such as Between C and D (1988) and Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan’s Explorations in Communication (1960). My collection includes retrospective volumes from art magazines, such as Flash Art and Artforum, and music magazines such as Perspectives of New Music and High Fidelity. I have selections from political magazines, such as the socialist Voices of Dissent (1958), the pacifist Seeds of Liberation (1964), and the conservative Modern Age: The First Thirty-Five Years, a Selection (1988). Some magazines publish so little in their lifetimes that publishers are able to produce retrospective books containing everything appearing in their pages, such as New Individualist Review (1981) or Monk’s Pond: Thomas Merton’s Little Magazine (1989).

Since certain magazines have survived long enough to issue more than one retrospective, it is not surprising that I have several from Partisan Review, four from Saturday Review, two from Harper’s, two from the Nation, two from Antioch Review, three from The New Republic. I suppose that a sensitive scholar of cultural journals could do interesting critical analyses of how a single magazine’s self-retrospective in the 1990s differs from that done in the 1950s, say, and how such differences reflect the changing ambitions of its editors.

Among those from American literary magazines I have these:

Able Muse Anthology. Ed. Alexander Pepple. San Jose, CA: Able Muse, 2010.

Accent Anthology. Ed. Kerker Quinn & Charles Shattuck. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1946.

Accent: An Anthology, 1940‑60. Ed. Daniel Curley, George Scouffas, & Charles Shattuck. Urbana, IL: Univ. of Illinois, 1973.

The Lesbian Reader: An Amazon Quarterly Anthology. Ed. Gina Covina & Laurel Galan. Oakland, CA: Amazon Press, 1975.

The American Scholar Reader. Ed. Hiram Haydn & Betsy Saunders. New York: Atheneum, 1960.

The American Voice Anthology of Poetry. Ed. Frederick Smock. Lexington, KY: Univ. Press of Kentucky, 1998.

coverThe Angel Hair Anthology. Ed. Anne Waldman & Lewis Warsh. New York: Granary, 2001.

Anthology of Poems from the Seventeen Previously Published Braithwaite Anthologies [Anthology of Magazine Verse]. Ed. Margaret Haley Carpenter. New York: Schulte, 1959.

Ararat: A Decade of Armenian-American Writing. Ed. Jack Antreassian. New York: Armenian General Benevolent Union of America, Inc., 1969.

The Aspect Anthology: A Ten Year Retrospective. Ed. Ed Hogan. Somerville, MA: Zephyr, 1981.

Aufbau Reconstruction. Ed. Willi Schaber. New York: Overlook, 1972.

The Best of Bamboo Ridge: The Hawaii Writers’ Quarterly. Ed. Erick Chock & Darrell H.Y. Lum. Honolulu, HI: Bambook Ridge, 1986.

Beatitude Golden Anniversary. Ed. Latif Harris & Neeli Cherkovski. San Francisco, CA: Latif Harris, 2009.

A Fine Excess: Fifty Years of the Beloit Poetry Journal. Ed. Marion K. Stocking. Lamoine, ME: Beloit Poetry Journal Foundation, 2000.

Between C & D. Ed. Joel Rose & Catherine Texier. New York: Penguin, 1988.

Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine. Ed. Lisa Jervis & Andi Ziesler. New York: Farrar, Straus, 2006.

The Brooklyn Rail Anthology. Ed. Donald Breckenridge. Brooklyn, NY: Hanging Loose, 2006.

The Irreal Reader: Fiction & Essays from The Café Irreal. Ed. G. S. Evans & Alice Wittenberg. N.p.: Guide Dog, 2013.

Chelsea Retrospective 1958-1983. New York: Chelsea, 1984.

The Chicago Review Anthology. Ed. David Ray. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1959.

The Choate Literary Magazines, 1915-1965: Anthology Issue. Ed. Guy B. Ewing. [Wallingford, CT]: Choate School, 1965.

Chouteau Review: Ten Year Anniversary Issue. Ed. David Perkins. Kansas City, MO:

The Christopher Street Reader. Ed. Michael Denneny, et al. New York: Coward, McCann, 1983.

Circle, 1944-1948. Ed. George Leite & Bern Porter. Two vols. N.Y.: Arno, 1974.

A Cinch: Amazing Works from the Columbia Review. Ed. Leslie Gottesman, Hilton Obenzinger, & Alan Senauke. New York: Columbia Univ., 1969.

Most Art Sucks: Five Years of Coagula. Ed. Tom Patchett. Santa Monica, CA: Smart Art, 1998.

The Columbia University Forum Anthology. Ed. Peter Spackman & Lee Ambrose. New York: Columbia Univ., 1968.

61L+YYhiASL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus. San Francisco, CA: Last Gasp, 2002.

Contemporary Verse Anthology: Favorite Poems Selected from the Magazine “Contemporary Verse” 1916-1920. Ed. Charles Wharton Stork. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1920.

The Best of Crazyhorse: Thirty Years of Poetry and Fiction. Ed. David Jauss. Fayetteville, AR: Univ. of Arkansas, 1990.

Cream City’s Review’s 20th Anniversary Anthology. Ed. Andrew Rivera. Milwaukee, WI: Cream City Review, 1996.

Crab Creek Review 10th Anniversary Anthology. Eds. Linda Clifton & Carol Orlock. Seattle, WA: Crab Creek Review Association, 1994.

Popular Culture in America [Cultural Correspondence]. Ed. Paul Buhle. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota, 1987.

Dacotah Territory: A 10 Year Anthology. Ed. Mark Vinz & Grayce Ray. Fargo, ND: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1982.

Selections from El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn 1962-1964. Ed. Margaret Randall. New York: CUNY, 2011.

Voices: Readings from El Grito, 1967-1973. Ed. Octavio Ignacio Romano-V. Berkeley, CA: Quinto Sol, 1973.

Stories from Epoch: The First Fifty Issues (1947‑1964). Ed. Baxter Hathaway. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, 1966.

Estoerra: The Journal of Extreme Culture. Ed. Chad Hensley. N.p.: Creation, 2010.

Evergreen Review Reader: A Ten‑Year Anthology. Ed. Barney Rossett. New York: Grove, 1968.

Personal Landscape: An Anthology of Exile. Comp. Robin Fedden, et al, London: Editions Poetry Limited, 1945.

Explorations in Communication. Ed. Edmund Carpenter & Marshall McLuhan. Boston, MA: Beacon, 1960.

The Stiffest of the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader. San Francisco: City Lights, 1989.

51zPUWXPz1L._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_A Best of Fence: The First Nine Years, Volumes I & II. Ed. Rebecca Wolff. New York: Fence, 2009.

Fiddlehead Gold. Ed. Sabine Campbell, et al. Fredericton, NB: Goose Lane, 1995.

Film Culture Reader. Ed. P. Adams Sitney. New York: Praeger, 1970.

Film Quarterly: Forty Years–A Selection. Eds. Brian Henderson & Ann Martin. Berkeley: Univ. of California, 1999.

Film Threat Anthology: The Best of Issues One-Eight. Ed. David Williams. Los Angeles, CA: Film Threat, 1989.

The Best of Fine Print Magazine on Type and Typography. Ed. Charles Bigelow, et al. San Francisco, CA: Bedford Arts, 1989.

New Standards: The First Decade of Fiction at Fourteen Hills. Ed. Jason Snyder. San Francisco, CA: Fourteen Hills, 2005.

Freedomways Reader. Ed. Esther Cooper Jackson with Constance Pohl. Boulder, CO: Westview, 2000.

The Freeman Book [The Freeman 1920-24]. New York B. W. Huebsch, 1924.

Nature in the Raw: Gay Erotic Fiction from Freshman Magazine. Ed. Jerry Kroll. Los Angeles, CA: Alyson, 1996.

The Best of Friction. Ed. Jesse Grant. Los Angeles, CA: Alyson, 2002.

Full Circle Journal. Ed. Allegra Wong. Boston: Full Circle, 2003.

The Best of Gauntlet: Exploring the Limits of Free Expression. Ed. Barry Hoffman. New York: Richard Kazak, 1994.

Gay Roots: Twenty Years of Gay Sunshine. Ed. Winston Leyland. San Francisco, CA: Gay Sunshine, 1991.

The Ghost Dance Anthology: 25 Years of Poetry from Ghost Dance 1968‑1993. Ed. Hugh Fox. Troy, NY: Whitston, 1994.

The Greensboro Reader. Ed. Robert Watson & Gibbons Ruark. Chapel Hill, NC: Univ. of North Carolina, 1968.
This Far Together: Haight Ashbury Literary Journal Anthology 1980-1995. Ed. Joanne Hotchkiss, Alice Rogoff, & Will Walker. San Francisco, CA: BACAT, 1996.

869488928742561588a2d643726e2bb2Harp & Altar. Ed. Keith Newton & Eugene Lim. Jackson Heights, NY: Ellipsis, 2010.

The Harvard Advocate Anniversary Anthology. Ed. Douglas A. McIntyre & Karen S. Hull. Cambridge, MA: Shenkman, 1987.

The Best of the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review. Ed. Richard Schneider, Jr. Philadelphia, PA: Temple Univ., 1997.

The Helicon Nine Reader. Ed. Gloria Vando Hickok. Kansas City, MO: Helicon Nine, 1990.

The Sounder Few: Essays from the Hollins Critic. Ed. R. H. W. Dillard, et al. Athens, GA: Univ. of Georgia, 1971.

A Horn Book Sampler. Ed. Norma R. Fryatt. Boston: The Horn Book, 1959.

The I. F. Stone Weekly Reader. Ed. Neil Middleton. NY: Random House, 1973.

The Idiom. Ed. Mark Brunetti. Co-Ed Chris McIntyre & Keith Baird. Vols. 1 & 2. Jackson, NJ: The Idiom Magazine, 2008.

Ikon The Sixties: A Retrospective of IKON Series One, 1966-1969. New York: Ikon, 1990.

The Illuminations Reader: Art & Writing from Illuminations, Pulse & Gar 1965-1978. Ed. Norm Moser. Berkeley, CA: Illuminations, 1970.

The Best of Impetus (The First 10 Years). Ed. Cheryl A. Townsend. Stow, OH: Implosion, 1996.

Hard Choices: An Iowa Review Reader. Ed. David Hamilton. Iowa City, IA: Univ. of Iowa, 1996.

Joglars 1964-1966. Ed. Clark Coolidge, et al. New York: Arno, 1974.

The Journal of Irreproducible Results. Ed. Norman Sperling. Kansas City, MO: Andrews McMeel, 2008.

Gems from Judge. New York: Judge, 1922.

The Best of The Kenyon Review. Ed. David Lynn. Naperville, IL: Sourcebook, 2003.

Kunst und Künstler [Art and Artists, 1901-1937]. Eds. Gunter & Ursula Feist. Mainz, Germany: Florian Kupferberg, 1971.

Initiatic Eroticism and Other Occult Writings from La Flèche. Ed. Maria de Naglowska. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 2013.

Le Gun, 1, 2. 3. New York: Mark Batty, 2011.

The Lesbian’s Home Journal: Stories from The Ladder. Ed. Ed. Barbara Grier & Coletta Ried. Baltimore, MD: Diana Press, 1976.

Seeds of Liberation. Ed. Paul Goodman. New York: George Braziller, 1964.

Quick Studies: The Best of Lingua Franca. Ed. Alexander Star. New York: Farrar Straus, 2002.

Stories from The Literary Review. Ed. Charles Angoff. Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., 1969.

The Little Review Anthology. Ed. Margaret Anderson. New York: Hermitage House, 1953. New York: Horizon, n.d (c. 1971).

The Best of Lobster Tendencies. San Fransico, CA: Lobster Tendencies, 1984.

The Logos Reader. Ed. Stephen Eric Bronner & Michael J. Thompson. Lexington, KY: Univ. Press of Kentucky, 2005.

Loompanics Unlmited Conquers the Universe. Ed. Michael Hoy. Port Townsend, WA: Loompanics, 1998.

Loose Watch: A Lost and Found Times Anthology. Ed. John M. Bennett, et al. London: Invisible, 1998.

A Good Deal: Selected Stories from The Massachusetts Review. Ed. Mary Heath & Fred Miller Robinson. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts, 1988.

The Best of The Missouri Review Fiction, 1978‑1990. Ed. Speer Morgan, Greg Michalson, & Jo Sapp. Columbia, MO: Univ. of Missouri, 1991.

Monks Pond: Thomas Merton’s Little Magazine. Lexington, KY: Univ. of Kentucky, 1989.

Neurotica: Saint Louis-New York 1948-51. Eds. Jay Irving Landesman & Gershon Legman. New York: Hacker Art Books, 1963.

Spearhead: 10 Years of Experimental Writing in America. Ed. J. Laughlin. New York: New Directions, 1947.

The Unfeigned Word: Fifteen Years of New England Review. Ed. T. R. Hummer & Devon Jersild. Hanover, NH: Middlebury Univ., 1993.

Editors: The Best of Five Decades [Noble Savage, ANON, Bostonia, The Republic of Letters]. Ed. Saul Bellow & Keith Botsford. London & CT: Toby Press, 2001.

Essays from the North Atlantic Review. Ed. Allen Thorndike Rice. New York: Appleton, 1879.

Northwest Review: Thirtieth Anniversary Issue. Ed. John Witte. Eugene, OR: Univ. of Oregon, 1987.

Notre Dame Review: The First Ten Years. Ed. John Matthias & William O’Rourke. Notre Dame, IN: Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 2009.

The Ohio Review: New & Selected. Two Vols. Ed. Wayne Dodd. Athens, OH: Ohio Review, 2000.

Open Places: Fifteenth Anniversary Issue. Ed. Eleanor Bender. Columbia, MO: Stephens College, 1981.

The Best of OPL: Five Years of The One-Person Library. Ed. Andrew Berner & Guy St. Clair. Washington, DC: Special Libraries Association, 1990.

The Opportunity Reader. Ed. Sondra Kathryn Wilson. New York: Modern Library, 1999.

Out: 10 Gloriously Gay Years. New York: Out, 2002.

51cZGsaUyOL._SL500_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Passages North Anthology. Ed. Elinor Benedict. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed, 1990.

The Pioneer: A Literary Magazine. Ed. James Russell Lowell. New York Scholars’ Facsimilies & Reprints, 1947.

Who Are the Rich and Where Do They Live? [Poetry East]. Ed. Richard Jones. Chicago, IL: De Paul Univ., 2000.

The Points Short Story Anthology. Ed. Sinbad Vail. Paris, France: Points, 1955.

The Best of The Prose Poem: An International Journal. Ed. Peter Johnson. Buffalo, NY: White Pine, 2000.

From the Mountain [successively Pseudopodia, the North Georgia Review, and South Today]. Ed. Helen White & Redding S. Sugg, Jr. Memphis, TN: Memphis State Univ., 1972.

The Quixote Anthology. Ed. Jean Rikhoff. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1961.

The Radical Therapist. Ed. The Radical Therapist Collective. New York: Ballantine, 1971.

Best of The Realist. Ed. Paul Krassner. Philadelphia, PA: Running Press, 1984.

Decade II; A Twentieth Anniversary Anthology [Revista Chicano‑Riquena]. Ed. Julián Olivares & Evangelina Vigil Piñon. Houston, TX: Arte Público, 1993.

50 Anniversary: Best of Salmagundi Magazine. Volume One. Saratoga Springs, NY: Salmagundi, 2015.

Second Coming Anthology: Ten Years in Retrospect. Ed. A. D. Winans. San Francisco, CA: Second Coming, 1984.

Allhandson: A The2ndHand Reader 2000-2004. Ed. Todd Dills. Chicago: Elephant Rock, 2004.

Senaca Review: A 25th Anniversary Retrospective. Geneva, NY: Hobart & Wm. Smith Colleges, 1995.

Revelation and Other Fiction from The Sewanee Review: A Centennial Anthology. Ed. George Core. Louisville, KY: Harmony House, 1992.

Shenandoah: An Anthology from the First 35 Years. Wainscott, NY: Pushcart, 1985.

Sipapu, 1970-1988. Ed. Noel Peattie. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1989.

The Spirit That Moves Us Reader: Seventh Anniversary Anthology. Ed. Morty Sklar. Iowa City, IA: The Spirit That Moves Us, 1982.

Stubborn Light: The Best of The Sun, Volume III. Ed. Sy Safransky. Chapel Hill, NC: Sun, 2000.

Transatlantic Stories: Selected from The Transatlantic Review. Ed. Ford Madox Ford. New York: Lincoln MacVeagh-The Dial Press, 1926.

Stories from the Transatlantic Review. Ed. Joseph F. McCrindle. New York: Holt Rinehart Winston, 1970.

Transition Workshop. Ed. Eugene Jolas. New York: Vanguard, 1949.

TQ 20: Twenty Years of the Best Contemporary Writing and Graphics from TriQuarterly Magazine. Evanston, IL: TriQuarterly, 1985.

View: Parade of the Avant-Garde, 1940-1947. Ed. Charles Henri Ford. New York: Thunder’s Mouth, 1991.

The White Dove Review 1959-60. Ed. Ron Padgett. New York: Arno, 1974.

Strange Attraction: The Best of Ten Years of ZYZZYVA. Ed. Howard Junker. Reno, NV: Univ. of Nevada, 1995.

As I hope to add more literary-magazine retrospectives, please send suggestions to me at richkostelanetz@gmail.com. You may see my collection someday be exhibited outside my house.

1791347Individual entries on Richard Kostelanetz’s work in several fields appear in various editions of Readers Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Webster’s Dictionary of American Writers, The HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Directory of American Scholars, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in American Art, NNDB.com, Wikipedia.com, and Britannica.com, among other distinguished directories. Otherwise, he survives in New York, where he was born, unemployed and thus overworked.

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